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Italy is a country in south-central Europe that stretches like a boot peninsula to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a Mediterranean country from the east to the Adriatic Sea; from the west to the Tyrrhenian Sea; It borders the Ionian Sea to the south and France, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland to the north.
If you find Italy on the map, it looks more like a peninsula that bears a strong resemblance to high-heeled boots. So it is often referred to as. Thus, the Poglia region in the southeast of the country is the heel of the shoe, and the Calabria region in southwestern Italy is the tip of the iceberg.
Although the land of Italy has a history of several thousand years, but only from 1861 became a united country.


Italian weather

Italy is world-renowned for its Mediterranean climate. Inland and the farther you go from the shores, the cooler and wetter the air. But it is usually warmer during the summer. Southern Italy has a warmer and drier climate. However, its north has an alpine climate and you can see a lot of snow in winter.


Geographical location of Italy

بد نیست بدانید کشور کوچک واتیکان و سان مارینو، در داخل ایتالیا قرار گرفته اند. ایتالیا، به 20 منطقه ی مختلف تقسیم شده است.It is not bad to know that the small country of Vatican and San Marino are located inside Italy. Italy is divided into 20 different regions. Areas such as the islands of Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Each of these is a separate area. Each region has its own unique culture, customs and food. Therefore, you can find many differences between the northern and southern regions of this land. The central region of Italy, Tuscany, is one of the most famous and most visited tourist areas of this country.

Some of Italy’s rivers flow with a number of tourist attractions. For example, the Po River in the Alps starts from the north and flows east of Turin to the east coast and the Adriatic Sea, passing through the very fertile Po Valley. At the bottom of the river, the Po Delta is a very spectacular and interesting place that is not without grace for visitors.
The Arno River flows through the north-central part of the Apennine Mountains and flows into the cities of Pisa and Florence (where it runs along the famous Ponte Vecchio). The river eventually flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast.

Population of Italy

Italy’s population is estimated at more than 60 million. Although the birth rate in this country is not very high, but due to the arrival of immigrants in it, a growing population is seen in this land. While Italian is spoken throughout the country, you can still see and hear many of the local dialects alive in this land.
Rome is the largest city in Italy with a population of about 3 million. Also, Rome, the capital of Italy, is at the top of the most visited top cities in Italy and the world.

Population of Italy

Cost of living in Italy

Each person working in Italy earns an average of 3,678 euros a month. This average monthly income includes expenses such as housing and transportation. Of course, it should be said that wages vary depending on the type of job. The minimum wage in this country is about 500 euros per month and the highest salary for a person is about 16 thousand euros per month. Statistics for 2019 show that half of Italy’s population earns just under € 3,715 a month. While the other half earn more than this amount every month. For example, a technical technician can earn around € 4037 a month; A doctor or nurse earns around € 5,120 a month.
The cost of living in Italy is such that for example you have to pay around 12 euros for a kilogram of local cheese, and two euros for a kilogram of white rice or tomatoes. The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is about 602 euros per month, while the same apartment outside the city is rented for 453 euros per month.

Language and culture in Italy

Italian is the national and official language of the country and about 93% of the Italian population speaks it indigenously. 50% of the Italian population speaks a local dialect as their mother tongue. Many dialects in this country are incomprehensible. Hence, they are considered by linguists as separate languages and are not officially recognized. Friuli, for example, is one of these dialects, known for its 600,000-speaking population in northeastern Italy, which accounts for only 1% of Italy’s total population. دیگر اقلیت های زبانی شمالی ایتالیا شامل لادین، ​​اسلوونی و آلمانی هستند .Other language minorities in northern Italy include Ladin, Slovenian and German.

Italian language

Family values in Italy

The position of the family in Italy is known as the center of social structure and provides a stabilizing effect for its members. In northern Italy, we generally only see the nuclear family, while in the south it is quite different; That way, extended families often live together in the same house. In addition, in Italy, families support and help each other not only emotionally, but also financially and economically.
Maintaining appearance in Italy is very important and important to people. How you dress can reflect your social status, family background and level of education. In fact, the first impression you make on others can be the last. In fact, the concept of “good influence or perception” of another is very important to Italians. Italians subconsciously assess your age and social status in the very first seconds of your first visit.
Clothing, type, material and model of clothing are of paramount importance to Italians. In such a way that people are immediately judged by their appearance.

Family in Italy

Religion in Italy

The main and official religion of the Italians is Roman Catholic. There are more Catholic churches in this country than anywhere else in the world. Although church attendance has declined significantly over the years, the Catholic Church still has an undeniable influence on everything. So if you enter any office building in this country, you will see that they have placed a cross or a religious statue in their lobby. In the Italian calendar, there is a patron saint every day of the year. Every child in this country is named after a saint, and the day dedicated to that saint is actually a birthday and a celebration for that child. It is interesting to know that in Italy every job or profession has a special support saint.

The religion of the Italians

Italian cuisine

As for Italian food, it is better to know that one of the most difficult things in this country about eating is choosing it. Because you can not try them all. Among all the different foods, sauces, flavors and tastes, it is very difficult to choose one. Italian food has its own culture that has influenced other cultures around the world. Italian drinks, cheese and pasta are an integral part of an Italian meal.
در شمال این کشور شما ماهی، سیب زمینی، برنج و سس های متنوع را در یک وعده ی غذایی سفارش خواهید داد.

Italian food

Traditions, customs and ethics in Italy

Say hello to Italy, while being enthusiastic, is very formal. In their dealings with strangers, the people of this country usually have direct eye contact and smile at each other.
Italians use contact cards in a variety of social situations. These cards are used a lot more than traditional business cards and include things like name, address, title or academic honors and finally phone number. If you are going to live in this country permanently or even temporarily, it is better to think about preparing these cards and do not hand over your business business card to anyone during your first visit, God forbid !!
Never use chrysanthemums as a gift to anyone. Because this flower is used in Italian funerals! Do not use red flowers because it is a symbol of secrecy for them !! Be careful not to give yellow flowers as gifts, because in the eyes of the residents of this country, it is a symbol of jealousy !! If you want to give them a wine or a drink as a gift, be very careful and choose the best brand and the best material, because for them the quality of the material is much more important than the quantity. Wrap your gift in black paper or wrap and take it away. Your work is weeping. Black is a symbol of mourning in Italy! Finally, know this and then go: every gift you take will open before your eyes and … !!!
If you finally manage to be invited to an Italian house for dinner, remember:
If the host points out that the party dress is informal, the ladies should wear elegant clothes and the men a jacket and tie! Too much chronology is not mandatory; Relax, you are up to 15 minutes late for dinner and up to 30 minutes for the party! But know that if you are invited to eat, be sure to bring a bottle of drink or a packet of stylish chocolate as a gift. If you are invited to dinner and you want to spend the whole class and send a flower, send the flower the same day, not later !!
Meanwhile, Italians like to work with people they know and trust.