Who can apply for a Canadian Startup Visa? - موسسه حقوقی و مهاجرتی دادآور نسیم مهر

Immigrating to Canada with a Startup Visa: Who can?

* Requirements for applying for a Canadian Start-up Visa:

1. Have a qualified job.

2. You have received your letter of support from an authorized organization.

3. Have sufficient fluency and skill in English.

4. Have good financial support to settle your account.

Eligible jobs:

Eligible job means that you, as an immigrant entrepreneur, have started a business that has the following characteristics:

– The necessary license has been issued by the relevant organization.

Each applicant must be the full owner of ten percent or more of the shares of a reputable and privileged company at the same time. (In other words, a maximum of five people can be introduced as owners.)

– Applicants and the designated organization must jointly have 50% of the total voting rights attributable to all shares of the major shareholder companies at the same time.

During permanent residence:

You need to have an active business management in Canada.

The main part of your business as an entrepreneur should be in Canada.

Your business as an entrepreneur must be recognized in Canada and have its own market.

* Receive your support letter from a specific organization:

You will need to receive a letter of support from a specific organization that is willing and able to accompany you. (A business group that has been approved to invest in or support your non-startup.)

it is necessary that:

Contact them to find out how to get help from this organization.

Try to convince the organization to support your business idea.

Finally, receive a letter of assistance from that organization.

Your business idea can have different benefits for each organization. Note that each organization has its own requirements and conditions. Provide a detailed executive plan. “

If you can reach an agreement with the designated organization, a letter of assistance will be sent to you. You will then need to attach this letter when sending your application to us. This confirms that organizations such as an investment fund, Angel Investment Group, or business advisory group will support your business idea.

The organization will also send us a certificate of commitment to your idea directly. We will also use the organization’s letter of assistance and commitment certificate to evaluate your application. Please note, we may ask you for more business information to make the final decision about your application.

If you do not attach the letter of assistance to the organization or you do not meet one of the requirements, your application will be rejected.

Good to know:

While your application for permanent residence is under consideration, you can apply for a temporary job at this time. During this time, you have time to deal with matters related to preparing the necessary permits for a start-up visa.

* Strengthen your language:

Having the ability to communicate and work in English, French or both will play an important role in advancing your business goals in Canada.

To know the level of your language skills, it is better to take the approved tests and send us the results with your request. In these tests, you are required to obtain a minimum Canadian Language Standard (CLB) score of 5 in English or French in four areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

You should use the results of this test to find your CLB level. If you do not have the required language skills, your application will be rejected.

* Have enough money to settle the account:

The Government of Canada does not provide financial support to new immigrants. Therefore, it is imperative that after you arrive in Canada, you show that you have enough money to support yourself and your relatives. Because you can not borrow money from someone else there.

The amount of money you need depends on the number of members of your family. Immigration Canada updates these amounts each year.

درخواست ویزای استارت آپ کانادا

* How much money should you bring?

Research the place you plan to live in and see how much it costs to live in such a place.

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