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دلتان می خواهد زندگی کسانی را که به کشورسوئد مهاجرت کرده اند مورد بررسی قرار بدهید؟Do you want to study the lives of people who have immigrated to Sweden? And know more about what Sweden is like? You are not alone! We will be with you.

کیفیت بالای زندگی در کشور سوئد چیزی است که همه ساله تعداد زیادی را از سراسر دنیا در شمار مهاجران به آن درمی آورد.The high quality of life in Sweden is something that attracts a large number of immigrants from all over the world every year. While the cost of living in this country has a steep slope, you will have an amazing experience instead. راهنمای ما به ” سرزمین خورشید نیمه شب” دیدگاه خوبی نسبت به زندگی در کشورسوئد به شما ارائه خواهد داد.Our guide to “Land of the Midnight Sun” will give you a good overview of life in Sweden.

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Living conditions in Sweden

به طور متوسط سطح و سبک زندگی مردم در کشور سوئد نشان دهنده ی رفاه نسبتاً خوبی نسبت به دیگر کشورهای عضو سازمان همکاری و توسعه ی اقتصادی اروپا می باشد.On average, the level and lifestyle of the people in Sweden represent a relatively good welfare compared to other OECD countries. هزینه ی زندگی در کشور سوئد ۷۰/۵۸ درصد بیشتر از ایران است (داده های جمع آوری شده برای همه شهرها ، اجاره به حساب نیامده است.).The cost of living in Sweden is 58.70% higher than in Iran (data collected for all cities are not considered rent). Its rent is 19.78% higher than Iran (average data for all cities).

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Population of Sweden

The Swedish population is expected to reach more than ten million by 2020. Immigration (including inward migration and outward migration) has affected the country’s population. The rate of natural population growth there is 31% per year. The country’s population density has changed from 3.20 in 1980 to 2.24 in 2017.

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Characteristics of the Swedish people

One of the most important characteristics of Swedes’ behavior in nature is their humility.
You will never be proud of them. The people of this country are very, very calm and moderate and moderate.
A Swede will listen to you to the end, even if he or she disagrees with you. In other words, they are good listeners.
Swedes speak very calmly and calmly.
It is rare for a Swede to shout in public and show anger.

For example, hard work and hard play are not very common there. People work hard but not too hard. They love to go out and enjoy life, and they are not extremists at all.

Given the strong sense of equality in this country, there is no such thing as encouraging competition among the people of this country. Children are not taught the same thing from the beginning so that they grow up in a calm environment and no one feels superior.

The family is one of the most important pillars in Sweden’s programs and children’s rights are fully respected.
Although Sweden is a very quiet and stress-free environment for its residents, hospitality and the preparation of eating and drinking ceremonies are often their official business.

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Sweden Weather

Its summer, although not the hottest, has features such as length and bright days. While the winter has a romantic atmosphere. Living in the north of Sweden can bring a lot of darkness during its cold months, but these darknesses are accompanied by the famous northern aurora borealis.

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Ethnicities in Sweden

The country’s indigenous population includes Swedes from Finnish and Semitic minorities. Foreign or first-generation immigrants are usually of Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Greek, Iranian and Turkish descent.

The place of culture among the people of Sweden

The Church of Sweden is a Lutheran branch of Christianity with a population of about seven million and is considered the largest Lutheran church in the world.

Although more than 75% of Swedish citizens are members of the church, only 2% of them regularly participate in church services and services.

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Sweden's economic situation

  • The housing market in its big cities is very competitive.
  • A rental right will be much easier than finding a first-hand lease.
  • A large part of education in Sweden is available to the public for free.
  • The effectiveness of the Swedish health system can be seen in the high life expectancy of Swedes.
  • You just have to pay a very small part of the total cost for this health system.

Living in this country has become a dream of many immigrants. Health and education systems are not the only reasons why people migrate to Scandinavia. The country impresses visitors and employees alike with its stunning scenery. It is not bad to know that many Swedes live in villas built on the beautiful shores of lakes and bays.

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