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کشور آلمان چگونه کشوری است؟What is Germany like? شاید برای شما هم این سوال بوجود آمده باشد و مشتاقید بدانید که زندگی در کشور آلمان چگونه است؟Perhaps this question has arisen for you and you are eager to know what life is like in Germany? و معایب و مزایای زندگی در کشور آلمان چیست؟And what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Germany? So stay tuned to explore everything about Germany.
Germany is the fifth most desirable country for immigration. Among the reasons for the desirability of this country are the strong economy, education system and job opportunities in that country. People from all over the world are looking for an opportunity to immigrate to Germany.

Immigrating to Germany requires sufficient and valid reasons. There are several ways foreigners can immigrate to Germany.

از جمله روشهایی که میتوان به آن اشاره کرد:

  • Immigrating to Germany for employment
  • Immigrating to Germany to study
  • Immigration to Germany for entrepreneurs
  • Immigrating to Germany to visit family
  • Immigrating to Germany to obtain a residence permit
مهاجرت به آلمان

Living conditions in Germany

Life in Germany is as busy as anywhere else, but in general, there is peace and quiet, and the corruption rate is low. Germans are law-abiding and law-abiding people, so to live in Germany it is better to respect and abide by the laws. Finding a home to rent is not difficult, but it is good to know that houses are usually not furnished and you can find the items you need at a reasonable price in local newspapers.

Public transport is widely used in Germany and is a very good experience with a regular schedule. Roads in Germany are built for all types of transportation. They are suitable for walking and most importantly for cycling. When you move to a new city, the cheapest mode of transportation is by bike, so you can take full advantage of this in Germany. Almost all roads have a special line designed for bicycles and you can see cyclists everywhere. Germany is located in the middle of Europe and travel in Europe is much cheaper than elsewhere, especially in the United States. You can be in another country in a few hours. This feature gives you a lot of opportunities to see different cultures even inside the country, because Germany is a very big country.

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زندگی در کشور آلمان

Population of Germany

The population of Germany is 80,594,017 (according to official statistics for 2017). It is estimated that about 74 million (92.3%) are of German nationality and the remaining 6.2 million (7.7%) are foreign nationals. The death rate is 11.7 per 1,000 people and 1.5 immigrants in the same index.

The cheapest cities in Germany

Leipzig, Bochum, Kiel, Siegen, Jena, Snabrak, Bremen are the cheapest cities in Germany to live in. If you have a limited budget, it is better to choose one of these cities to live in, which has lower costs than the big cities of Germany and its capital.

In general, the cost of living, including renting an apartment and other living expenses in Leipzig, is around 2,700 euros, but in Munich the same will cost 3,800 euros. So, as you can see, Düsseldorf is really more expensive than Leipzig.
German currency
The official currency of Germany is the Euro. If you come from a country whose currency is different, it is recommended that you convert it to Euros. Another option is to be able to use your credit card, which pays for it.

مهاجرت به آلمان

German weather

What is the weather like in Germany? Is the German climate suitable for living in Germany? The German climate is moderate and generally does not have hot and cold periods. Northwestern and coastal Germany is influenced by the maritime climate, which is characterized by hot summers and light winters. Internally, it is a continental climate, characterized by seasonal variations, warmer summers and colder winters. Temperature changes between day and night and summer and winter are significantly lower in the north than in the south. In January, the coldest month, the average temperature is about 1.5 ° C in the north and about 2 ° C in the south.

زندگی در کشور آلمان

German economy

Germany ranks fourth in the world in terms of GDP (exchange rate) and fifth in terms of GDP (purchasing power parity) and is the world’s largest economy, which was one of the founders of the European Union in the euro area. The German economy is based on the market social economy system. Not only did Germany record the world’s largest trade surplus of $ 285 billion in 2014, but it was also the world’s third largest exporter of goods and services. Top export products in Germany include automobiles, machinery, chemicals, electronics, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, transportation equipment, metals, food products and plastics. More than two thirds of the world’s prestigious exhibitions are held in this country, which is one of the characteristics of the German economic index.

مهاجرت به آلمان

The language of the German people

Germans speak German. To see and explore Germany, it is better to have at least basic language skills.

مهاجرت به آلمان

Working conditions in Germany

Finding a job in this country is not a difficult task. Staff in Germany are very valuable. If you are a non-German living in Germany, you may find this out more than anyone else. Employees have many organizations that protect their rights, and if they complain, they will be heard

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