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Canada is located in North America. It is a vast and relatively large country that gained its independence in 1867. It borders the United States to the south.

While you may think of Canada as cold, you should know that Canada’s climate and climate are very different from where you stand. Canada is a large country facing the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic coast on the other; It covers five time zones. It is not bad to know that the southernmost point of this country borders with the state of Northern California and its northernmost region is located in the Arctic Circle. For all the size of Canada, it has a smaller population than California, just over 37 million people.

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Living conditions in Canada

Canada has a wonderful geography. For example, the giant St. Lawrence River. A 2,000-mile river that originates in the Atlantic Ocean and flows into Lake Ontario. This river is the largest shipping route to transport goods across the waters to Canada.
It has large lakes along its border with the United States. Lakes are the largest collection of fresh water in the world; That means about 21% of the world’s fresh water! These lakes include Lake Michigan, Erie, Huron, Berther, and Ontario.
Hudson Bay is another spectacular beauty of the country. This bay, which is one of the largest bays in the world, is bordered by five provinces.
There are also Rocky Mountains in western Canada. The world’s largest mountain range stretches 3,000 miles from northern British Columbia to New Mexico.

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Population of Canada

As you know, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, but you may be interested to know that this country has one fifth of Russia’s population. Its largest cities are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, respectively. Toronto is the largest city with a population of about 5.5 million.

According to the latest United Nations estimates in 2018, its population was 36255440 people, which is about 0.49%, or almost half of the world’s population.

The population density in Canada is very low at 4 people per square kilometer and the average age of the population is 40.8 years.

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The cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is lower than in many developed European countries.
The cost of living in this country is 15.68% higher than in Iran. The rent is 61.112% higher than in Iran.
A person working in this country earns an average of C $ 6,000 a month. The minimum wage in this country is about $ 900 and the maximum monthly income in this country is about $ 27,000. For example, a person working in technical services in Canada earns about $ 6,700 a month.
Transportation and driving jobs can earn $ 4,100 a month. It costs about $ 6,400 a month for a teacher.

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Canadian Weather

The climate of this country is usually clean, clear and windy and its minimum temperature is -63 degrees Celsius. The amount of wind in this country is much higher than in Iran, and it is even possible that when you get on an electric bus, a strong wind suddenly starts blowing and the bus has to stop moving and even its doors do not open. However, in downtown Toronto, the air is usually polluted and the city is very crowded, and another visual pollution is seeing homeless people in this part of the city. Of course, the government has provided shelter for all these people, however, they prefer to live on the streets in order to be able to use drugs more easily.

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The cheapest places to live in Canada

Kingston is one of the best affordable places to live in this country. This city is the best option for those who want to spend their retirement in a quiet place. You can get an average lovely house for around $ 300,000 Prepare for yourself.
Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, which is mostly a working city. Many people travel to Edmonton every day from other cities to work. That is why in this city you can find any house for rent or purchase at any price you want.

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Founders of Canada

The natives of this country
English Canadians
French Canadians

But immigrants and newcomers have played a significant role in the country’s construction and economy over the past 200 years. Today, there are many ethnic and religious groups that live in peace and harmony in this country.

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