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برای خیلی ها که قصد مهاجرت به اتریش یا ادامه تحصیل در کشور اتریش را دارند حتما سوالهایی از این قبیل که کشور اتریش چگونه کشوری است؟For many who intend to immigrate to Austria or continue their studies in Austria, questions such as what is Austria like? یا زندگی در کشور اتریش چگونه است؟Or what is life like in Austria? Or compare living conditions in different countries, for example, is Austria better for living or Germany? We have the answers to all your questions …

Austria It is located in Central Europe, but it has a relatively small area, so that it may be the size of one of the provinces of Iran. Austria has a very rich culture and its people have no interest in racism. از نظر شغلی باید گفت که شرایط کار در این کشور مناسب بوده و حتی نسبت به کشور آلمان از شرایط بهتری برخوردار است؛ به طور که طبق آخرین آمارگیری­های صورت گرفته کشور اتریش با نرخ 3/5 کمترین میزان بیکاری را در اروپای مرکزی به خود اختصاص داده است.Occupationally speaking, working conditions in this country are good and even better than in Germany; According to the latest census, Austria has the lowest unemployment rate in Central Europe at 3.5.

در رابطه با تحصیل باید گفت که در کشوراتریش 90 % دروس به زبان آلمانی تدریس می­شود و افرادی که در این کشور مشغول به تحصیل هستند و یا قصد ادامه تحصیل در اتریش دارند به ناچار باید به این زبان مسلط شوند.Regarding education, it should be said that in Austria 90% of the courses are taught in German and people who are studying in this country or intend to continue their education in Austria must have mastered this language.

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Population of Austria

In 2017, the population of Austria was 8,773,686, according to statistics. The country has a balanced population in proportion to its area. In a way, it can be said that the population density in this country is 104 people per square kilometer.

جمعیت اتریش

Cheapest cities in Austria

Austria has 1531 cities, which are high in some cities due to job activity, university position and other living conditions, and in some other cities the cost of living is low.

According to research, the three cities of Graz, Vienna and Linz are among the cities with relatively low cost of living. اما باید به این نکته توجه داشت که به طور کلی هزینه­ های زندگی در کشور اتریش به نسبت کشورهای دیگر کمی بیشتر می­باشد.But it should be noted that in general the cost of living in Austria is slightly higher than in other countries.

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Austrian weather

Austria has a temperate climate and is very suitable for living in this regard, which has caused many tourists to travel to this country every year. Different parts of Austria have different climates, and from south to north the temperature and rainfall may vary.

Most Austrian cities have a climate similar to that of Europe, with European, continental and Mediterranean climates. The south of the country has a climate influenced by the Atlantic and the southeast is influenced by a continental climate.

آب و هوای کشور اتریش

Austrian economy

Austria has provided a high level of welfare for its citizens due to its political and economic system. Austria’s economy is developed and its most important industries are: Food, snacks, machinery and steelmaking, electrical and electronics industry, chemical and automotive industry, and wood and paper industry.

Austria also has several important economic regions, including:

Vienna Province: Financial Services

Over-printing: Iron, steel, chemical and all kinds of machinery industry

Foralebag Province: Textile and clothing industry

Carinthia Province: Wood and paper industry

Salzburg: Electronics, wood and paper industry, various business and economic fields

تیرول: صنعت شیشه و چوب Tyrol: Glass and wood industry

اقتصاد کشور اتریش

The language of the Austrian people

Austria is located in a region bordering a number of German-speaking countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With this introduction, the official language of Austria is also German and it is called Standard Austrian German. The Austrian language is similar to German, which differs in the pronunciation and meaning of some words. The language taught in the country’s schools has a Bavarian dialect and may be difficult for a person who is fluent in standard German to understand. Of course, in the states of Vorarlberg and part of Tyrol, their inhabitants speak German.

مهاجرت به آلمان

Austrian artist residency

Austrian Artist Residence: از بهترین نوع اقامت در حوزه شینگن می باشد که از نظر هزینه، سادگی و مزایای متعددی که دارد مورد توجه اکثر متقاضیان قرار گرفته است.It is one of the best types of accommodation in the Schengen area, which has been considered by most applicants in terms of cost, simplicity and numerous benefits. دراین نوع از اقامت، هنرمند می تواند در اتریش بطور همزمان کار و زندگی کند.In this type of residence, the artist can work and live in Austria at the same time.

با اقامت هنرمندی شخص اجازه دارد بصورت شخصی ( در منزل) و یا در شرکت و موسسه هنری فعالیت نماید.In this type of residence, the artist can work and live in Austria at the same time.

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