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Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. دومین کشور بزرگ قاره اروپا بعد از روسیه است و رودخانه ی بزرگ دنیپر از میانه ی آن می گذرد.It is the second largest country in continental Europe after Russia, and the great Dnieper River flows through it. Its capital is also the city of Kiev.
این کشور از شمال با بلاروس؛ از شرق با روسیه؛ از سمت جنوب با دریاهای آزوف و سیاه؛ از جنوب غربی با مولداوی و رومانی؛ و بالاخره از غرب با مجارستان، لهستان و اسلواکی هم مرز و همسایه می باشد.The country is bordered by Belarus to the north; From the east with Russia; From the south by the Azov and Black Seas; From the southwest with Moldova and Romania; Finally, it shares borders with Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to the west.
To the southeast, the country is separated from Russia by the Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea.

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Geography of Ukraine

کشور اوکراین ویژگیهای جغرافیایی متنوع و جالبی را بعنوان یک کشور بزرگ اروپایی دارد.Ukraine has a diverse and interesting geographical features as a large European country. Apart from its stunning mountains, the country is bordered by large lakes such as the Azov and the Black Sea. Its most important rivers are the Dnieper, the Dessna, the Dniester and the Donets. It is not bad to know that many beautiful waterfalls have been found in the mountains of the Crimea and the Carpathians, which dazzle the eyes of every tourist. The Great Dnieper River is one of the largest rivers in the country, which is the fourth longest river in Europe. The river originates in Russia and flows into Belarus and Ukraine, eventually flowing into the Black Sea. The length of this river is 2284 km, which is equal to 1420 miles.

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Population of Ukraine

The country has a population of about 44 million. پول رایج کشور اوکراین گریونا می باشد.The currency of Ukraine is the Grivna.
Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is the largest city in the country and the cultural, economic, industrial and scientific educational center throughout Eastern Europe.
After Kiev, Sharkiev and Odessa are the second and third largest cities in the country.

جمعیت اوکراین

The language of the Ukrainians

Ukrainian is the official language and the most widely spoken language in the country. Although the language was banned from the Russian Empire from the early 19th century until the Russian Revolution, several public schools in Ukraine now regulate the language and teach it.

اطلاعات کشور اوکراین

Native Ukrainians

The language of the Ukrainians


The Russian community living in Ukraine has lived in Crimea from the beginning.


In 1918, Bukovina and Basarabia were united with the Kingdom of Romania. As a result, the Ukrainian population in the region was forced to change its name and language, and as a result, Ukrainian cultural schools were closed.
As a result, the Ukrainian population in the region was forced to change its name and language, and as a result, Ukrainian cultural schools were closed.

معرفی اوکراین

The cost of living in Ukraine

The cost of living in this country is 21.75% lower than in Iran. Rental rates in this country are 25.31% lower than in Iran.

Ukraine is currently one of the poorest countries in Europe. But its capital, Kiev, has provided good employment and investment opportunities for immigrants.

The minimum estimated salary in 2019 in the city of Kiev is about 4,000 grivnas, which is equivalent to $ 160 and a little more than 110 euros. But the average salary in Kiev is about 10,000 grivnas a month, which is just over 340 euros and a little over 385 dollars.

پول اوکراین

Climate of Ukraine

در بیشتر مواقع کشوراوکراین دارای آب و هوای قاره ای می باشد.In most cases, Ukraine has a continental climate. In this way, it has very cold winters and very hot summers. Rainfall system is frequent in this country throughout the year, but this system does not belong to all parts of Ukraine.
The sun rarely appears in the country in winter, especially in the interior, which often has a gray sky. While in summer, especially along the Black Sea coast, the sunny sky is stable.
In winter, the country often experiences cold weather, and in spring, temperatures and sunshine are rising rapidly.
Its summers are hot and very sunny and with the possibility of lightning and its autumns with decreasing temperatures come and go.

آب و هوای اوکراین

Working situation in Ukraine

به دنبال تحولات تازه در این کشور و ارتباطات جدیدی که این کشور با غرب داشته، در حال حاضر به محلی برای جذب سرمایه گذاری و انجام تجارت برای جوامع خارجی و بازرگانان شده است.Following the new developments in this country and the new connections that this country has with the West, it has now become a place to attract investment and trade for foreign communities and businessmen. If we do not take into account the weak policies and laws and not so interesting financial situation of Ukraine, this country has a great geographical position due to its proximity to developed European countries, which can provide a good prospect for immigrants to Ukraine.


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