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England is a country located on the island of Great Britain, which includes Scotland and Wales. Britain is the largest country on the island, accounting for two-thirds of the island. Although Britain is surrounded by the waters of the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic, it is very close to Europe. In England, with all its small land, you can see all of nature; From mountains to rivers, hills, lakes and swamps! از شهرها که بیرون می روید شهرت این کشور را بخاطر طبیعت بی نهایت سر سبزش و زمستان های بسیار سردش درک خواهید کرد.

کشور انگلستان

Population of the United Kingdom

Britain has a population of 51 million, which is a small number compared to the population of over 300 million in the United States. But if you compare this population to the area of Britain to America, you will see that no! خیلی هم کشور شلوغ و پر جمعیتی است!! در حقیقت تنها کشور پر جمعیت قاره ی اروپا، همین انگلستان است.The country is very crowded and crowded !! In fact, the only populous country in Europe is the United Kingdom. It is not bad to know that a large part of this population also lives in London, the capital of this country. So you will find that this city must be very crowded and crowded. It should also be noted that the UK is divided into nine regions and 48 cities.

جمعیت انگلستان

Food in the UK

One of the most delicious dishes in this country is “chips and fish” which is made of fish and fried potatoes and is a very pleasant meal. Meats such as kebabs, sausages, lamb, chicken and beef are used in most of the meals of the people of this country. Foods that are famous for their simple recipes. البته ممکن است دستوالعمل های ساده ای داشته باشند، ولی فراموش نکنیم که با یک بار تست کردن آن ها متوجه مزه و طعم فوق العاده شان خواهیم شد. On the other hand, never forget that tea plays an important role in the British diet.

In general, finding food in the UK is very easy. With any budget, you can find restaurants all over the country with a variety of dishes from all over the world; From Italian and Indian and Chinese to Thai and Mexican cuisine!
Traditional British cuisine includes:
Chips and fish; A full English breakfast; Sunday kebabs; Yorkshire Pudding; Pasta; Cream tea; Foot; Haggis; local cheese; And also snacks like tea and cake.
Remember supermarkets; Because in order to reduce costs, they are good places to find cheap and tasty options for lunch and snacks.

غذای انگلستان

UK weather

Some ask, is it always rainy in England? In response, we say: Usually not! The country has different climates. Sometimes it is rainy and sometimes it has beautiful and pleasant suns.

آب و هوای انگلستان

Average salaries and expenses in the UK

یک فرد شاغل در انگلستان قادر است ماهانه چیزی حدود 4627 پوند درآمد داشته باشد.A person working in the UK can earn around 46 4627 a month. In general, it should be said that the amount of receipts in the UK in 2019 has increased compared to the previous year. In this country, a lawyer can expect a monthly income of around 86 6786; While a clerk will receive around 79 2,479 a month. It is not bad to know that Zandi costs in this country are about 60% higher than in Iran. In addition, according to the latest statistics, we should consider the rental rate to be almost one hundred percent higher than the rental rate in Iran. If you have the urge to go to a restaurant in the UK, you should know that the cost of a meal in a typical restaurant is about 12 pounds. A cup of cappuccino you order next to it costs about two and a half pounds. If you are thirsty and want to buy a one and a half liter bottle of water, you have to pay a pound.

Guaranteed England

هزینه ها در انگلستان

People of England

درانگلستان اغلب مردم را با خودتان مهربان خواهید یافت؛ البته اگر شما هم مودبانه و محترمانه با مردم محلی و آداب و رسوم آنها برخورد کنید.In England you will often find people kind to you; Of course, if you also treat local people and their customs politely and respectfully. Some things may seem normal in your culture, but in England it upsets the natives. One of the interesting things about this country is that it sometimes looks strange to us. Like the “Most likely to stand in line” sign !!
By seeing this sign, you must respect every person who stood around before you!
If you are meeting someone for the first time, it is better to use short sentences and say, so to speak, not to have a long bowel movement. To get started, you can introduce yourself or use the weather and topics such as travel, nature, family or …. But never use topics such as appearance, age, jokes, money, sex, absenteeism, politics, religion, criticism or complaints at the first meeting!

مردم انگلستان

Tourism in the UK

England is a diverse land, with amazing natural beauty, and rich historical and complex cultural heritage. Britain, despite its small size, is one of the most important financial, political and commercial countries in the world. All of the above are just a few of the many reasons why millions of tourists from all over the world flock to the country’s cities, regions, villages and attractions every year. A country that has responded to this vast amount of tourism by boosting the tourism industry and providing up-to-date solutions to improve the industry’s infrastructure.
Accommodation, tour operators and means of transportation in this country are abundant, reliable and diverse. Britain is also world-renowned for its world-class purchasing power, legendary theaters and plays, and the vibrant day-to-day life of its people. In fact, if this land is your tourist destination, it is better to know that there is no shortage of entertainment for visitors who are traveling to this part of the world for the first time.
Outside of the English urban environments, you can experience the cozy villages and neighborhoods that with their castles and historic houses next to them and beautiful parks and gardens create memorable spaces for you.
Language training centers in the UK usually offer attractive study tours for students, which include public tourism destinations. Typically these trips include Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, London and York.

گردشگری در انگلیس

The most famous tourist spots of England

London Eye Carousel, invested by British Airways;
Tower of London and Big Ben; Q Garden; British Parliament Building;
Westminster Palace; Chester Zoo;
Canterbury Cathedral; St. Powell Cathedral;
British Museum; London Zoo; Winsor Castle;
Buckingham Palace;
There are also many cities and towns in the country that are admired by visitors for their cultural heritage. Areas such as:
Brighton: A beautiful beach promenade that was once a cozy corner of the royal leaders.
Cambridge: A beautiful world city.
Canterbury: It was once considered the center of European religious epics.
Oxford: A university city that is considered a constant destination for tourists due to its medieval architectural design.
Nottingham: City of Robin Hood Legends.
For nature lovers, there are many breathtaking attractions in the UK, one that attracts young and old alike:
Aden project; Jurassic coast (Dorset and Dunon); And many parks and places of play and entertainment that are abundantly and easily available to everyone throughout the country.

گردشگری در انگلیس

The culture of the people of England

England is a country that alone welcomes a society with all kinds of cultures. A country that is considered the center of modern art and commerce. This land has a rich history and culture so that its traces go back to the Stone Age.
Apart from the large and populous city of London, of which the capital is, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool are other major cities of this country.
The UK has a population of people from all over the world. So it is natural to say that it brings together different types of cultures and everyone of any nationality can feel comfortable there. It has a tolerant society, and it is completely illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or disability.

مردم انگلستان

Art in the UK

The art and culture of a country like England is largely representative of that place. In order to experience this aspect of Britain, you have to immerse yourself in its unique places, people and attractions to discover its identity. Aspects such as: Literature, food, architecture, sports, music, philosophy, folk tales, and finally religious scientific symbols.

یکی از بزرگترین جشنواره های هنری انگلستان در بیرمنگام برگزار می شود که آرتفِست نام دارد.One of the largest art festivals in the UK is Birmingham, called Artfest. Many artistic talents are displayed in this festival; From classical music and songs to traditional dances and stand-up comedy. The festival is usually held in September.

Theater is another important part of English culture. In fact, theater is another major excuse for attracting tourists to this land. Theatrical performances such as: Cats and the Lion King are among the oldest performances of Shakespeare’s plays. They want a lot.

Food festivals with a variety of amazing flavors of food that are held in the UK, is a beautiful period of food cultures and traditions of people around the world. This is only because of the countless cultures that the large population of this country has gathered together. The Manchester Food and Drink Festival, the CAMRA Beer Festival and the Chocolate Week in London are just a few of the culinary features that are sure to provide delicious and attractive food for young and old alike.

هنر در انگلستان
هنر در انگلستان

British currency

The British currency is the famous pound. To access the ATMs, do not worry that they are everywhere and of course their use is free. You can enjoy your shopping with credit cards almost anywhere. Cash is only used in small shops, suburban markets, some cafes and taverns, and finally on local buses and taxi fares.

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