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Introducing the country of Poland

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جمهوری لهستان یکی از بزرگترین کشورهای واقع شده در مرکز اروپا می باشد.The Republic of Poland is one of the largest countries in Central Europe. The country has a relatively wide temperate seasonal climate. لهستان از غرب با آلمان، از جنوب با کشورهای اسلوواکی و جمهوری چک، و از شرق با اوکراین و بلاروس هم مرز است.Poland borders Germany to the west, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, and Ukraine and Belarus to the east. In addition, it is surrounded by Russia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad from the north and northeast. The Baltic Sea also forms the country’s northern border.


Geography of Poland

Poland It is a relatively low-lying country with 91% of its territory less than 300 meters above sea level. It should be said that although this country is a low and low land, but it has a diverse and wonderful environment and nature. From the north of Poland it enjoys the beautiful sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea and has crowded and crowded harbors. On the other hand, the northern half of the country is filled with small and spectacular lakes; However, the highest density of these lakes can be found in the northeastern region of Poland as the area of ​​Lake Masurian, an area that has more than 2,000 beautiful and spectacular lakes. This is where the earliest surviving forests of ancient Europe can be found. The most natural and pristine natural resources and habitats available in Poland!

Near the central part of Poland there are vast green plains called the Polish Plains. Basically, these plains are used for agriculture in this country because they are considered fertile lands in this regard. To the south of the low and flat lands of central Poland, the land will gradually find a gentle upward slope and we will see more hills with diverse vegetation and environment.


Climate of Poland

Poland has a temperate climate, influenced by both marine and continental factors. It is good to know that forecasting the weather in Poland is relatively difficult. Because the humid air masses of the Atlantic Ocean collide with the dry continental masses in the same range. This factor causes the deceptive climate to dominate the Polish climate and makes it a bit difficult to predict. In general, in the northern and western parts of the country, we see the prevailing maritime climate, with wet and mild winters and cool, rainy summers. The southern and eastern parts of Poland, on the other hand, have a distinct faraway climate with cold, harsh winters and warmer, drier summers.


Season rotation in Poland

You may be interested to know that Poland, unlike other places that experience four seasons in nature It has six chapters; That is, spring, summer, autumn, winter and two other seasons called early spring and early winter. In explaining these two new seasons, it should be said that spring comes in March or April and brings sunny days with light rain and fog. The daily temperature at these times is between five and fifteen degrees Celsius. Summer Poland It brings temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius and starts in late May or June and lasts until the end of August. In this season, people will experience sunny, hot days and thunderstorms. July is the hottest month in the country, although we can see hot days from May to September when the temperature rises above 25 degrees. Early autumn is generally warm and sunny. Remarkable tasteful artists who intend to travel to this country; They should know that in September and October the leaves of the trees change color and a beautiful and romantic period begins in Poland, which is known as the “Golden Autumn of Poland”.
With the arrival of November, the rains start and the temperature drops and the days start to shorten. Winter begins in December and January and lasts until February and early March. Temperatures fall below five degrees Celsius and frequent heavy fog and snowstorms occur. In Poland, January is the coldest month of the year. That being said, it is part of the complex Polish climate calendar, although there are natural anomalies that show other distinctive features of the Polish climate.


Biodiversity in Poland

Poland is a country with a wide range of ecological diversity. It stretches to the natural sandy shores of the Baltic Sea in the north and to lakes, rivers, vast protected forests and the tranquility of the central plains to the roughness and peaks of the southern mountains.
The biodiversity of Polish plants and animals is stunning. So that only about seventy-five thousand species of plants, around thirty-nine thousand microorganisms and fungi, about two thousand seven hundred and fifty species and subspecies of vascular plants, and about thirty-three to forty-five thousand species of animals in the ecosystem Countless creatures are living and have been identified. Some of these species and organisms are now extinct in the country, although some have disappeared in the western parts of continental Europe.


Population of Poland

The population of people living in Poland is currently estimated at thirty-eight million. But there are about fifteen to twenty million Poles who live all over the world and in many countries. It can be said that Poland is often a mono-ethnic country. لهستان . Its non-Polish minority makes up about three percent of the country’s population, ie one to two million people living in Poland.
Today, the situation of Poland’s indigenous tribes is very different from what it was during World War II. Prior to 1939, Poland was a multi-ethnic country with only a third of its population being minorities.
It is not bad to know that at present a large number of Polish and Polish communities can be found all over Europe. Countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, France, England, Sweden and even the United States. آلمان،، فرانسه، انگلستان، .


Religion in Poland

From a religious point of view, it can be said that most of the Polish population is inclined to the Catholic Church. That is, about 90% of the population of this country. Similarly, 87% of Roman Catholics and the rest of the population belong to groups such as Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, and other Christian denominations.

Religion in Poland

Polish cuisine

What has to be said about Polish cuisine is its long history, which has been influenced by the food traditions of different nations over the centuries. These effects include things like tasty food and the complexity of the Polish menu.
Traditional Polish food is a rich and rich food of various types of meat, especially pork, chicken and beef. Soups are usually made from ingredients such as vegetables, broth, beets and other side dishes. Vegetables are widely used in Polish cuisine. Cabbage traces can be found on most Polish plates.
In the menu of Polish food you can find different types of meatballs and noodles.

Polish food

Polish language

About the Polish language We should know that about thirty-eight million people in Poland and other parts of Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa speak this language.، استرالیا،. In fact, it should be said that this language has the seventeenth place among the languages of the world in terms of the number of speakers.

Polish language

6 exciting cities in Poland

Warsaw, the capital of Poland:

Warsaw is the most famous city in Poland, but not only because it is the capital of this country. Rather, because of the extraordinary attractions that can enchant any viewer. In this city, there are countless historical monuments that attract every tourist from around the world. The Royal Castle, the historic Old Town and the Royal Baths Park are just a few examples.
Warsaw is also considered one of the best cities for shopping, hiking and forming associations and long and attractive walks. Walking in the colorful, long, wooded and quiet squares and streets that exist all over the city makes good sense. They are kept alive for walking in all passers-by.


One of the most visited cities in Poland is the beautiful city of Krakow. A city that can make its tourists fall in love with its magical sights at any moment. If you are a fan of mysterious cafes, bustling restaurants, ancient architecture rich in modern and ancient art or fascinating museums, Krakow can be considered one of the best tourist destinations in the city. You have attractive tasks that prevent you from getting tired and bored even for a moment. Your stay in Krakow will surely start from the Old Town. Accommodation that is followed by a detailed purchase and a visit from the museum to the main underground square. In addition, the city is considered one of the best places to eat traditional Polish food and to get acquainted with the rich culture of this country.

Marine Tricity:

Another of Poland’s most spectacular places is the Maritime Tourism. Poland is a land that can attract many tourists from all over the world by enjoying the beautiful and long coastline near the Baltic Sea; Despite all the beautiful beaches for leisure and recreation.
The cities of the Baltic Sea coast all form the famous and pleasant climate of Traciti. Each city has its own attractions and offers for tourists. People love the calm and special climate and are fans of fresh air. Those are the three cities in the Tricit-Maritime region, and tourists can book a hotel in one of the cities and spend their time in other cities and places of interest and entertainment in this area.


At the opposite end of Poland, tourists can find the great mountain “Tatra” in the ultimate beauty and dignity. Zakopane is the most famous city and mountainous region of Poland. Almost every Polish person visits this country once a year to renew his mood.

Cities of Poland

Cost of living in Poland

According to the latest statistics released in September 2019, the cost of living in Poland is 2.93% lower than in Iran. However, the rental rate in this country is estimated at 13.25% higher than in Iran.
لهستان Regarding the average salary rate in Poland for each employed person, it can be said that the income of each employee is about 9005 zlotys per month. This is while a Polish zloty is equal to 10823 Iranian Rials.

Cost of living in Poland