Immigrating to Canada with a Startup Visa: After submitting the application - موسسه حقوقی و مهاجرتی دادآور نسیم مهر

Immigrating to Canada with a Startup Visa: After submitting the application

You can work in Canada while we review your application.

Once your application for permanent residency is being considered, you can apply for a temporary work permit and start building your own business.

Upon request, take your fingerprint and photo

Note that if you are between 14 and 79 years old, you will need to send a fingerprint and photo for each residency application you submit. Even if you have already given and they are still valid.

  • You must pay for the identification documents when submitting the application, otherwise your case will be delayed.
  • Do this as soon as you receive a letter from the Canadian authorities.
  • You will have a maximum of 30 days from the date on the letter.

How to evaluate your startup visa application:

After you submit your application, your case will be evaluated. If you have done all of the above, your case will move forward, otherwise your application will be returned.

  • If there is a change in the address or personal information of you and your companions, it is better to inform the passport office or the desired embassy.
  • Issues such as divorce, adoption, child custody, all kinds of criminal incidents, etc. may cause interruptions in the processing of your case until the matter is clarified.
  • The passport office is required to contact other passport offices in Canada or abroad to confirm the information you have submitted.

Processing time

12 to 16 months

You may need to provide your biometric information with the application at this time. Processing time also includes when you need to submit your biometrics.

Medical examinations

You and your family must have a medical examination before moving to Canada. If your health is not confirmed, your application may be rejected, which may be due to Canada’s public health and safety. The letter will tell you how to get a medical test and check-up.

Police certificates

People with a criminal record will not be allowed to enter Canada. In fact, one of the documents you must send to Canada with your application is a certificate of no criminal record; For yourself and all your companions over the age of eighteen.

You will be notified if you need to send more documents.

Confirmation of permanent residence

Once you have complied with all the requirements and your application has been approved and accepted, you and your companions will be issued a permanent residence permit, which will be accompanied by a permanent residence permit (COPR). This confirmation contains all the information about you and you need to check it carefully and if there is an error in it, contact the Canadian authorities immediately through your account.

When you arrive in Canada, you will need to bring your confirmation and visa with you, and know that this confirmation will not be renewed and you must use it before the expiration date.

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