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اگر تصمیم به مهاجرت به کشور زیبای اکوادور را گرفته اید، بهتر است با ما همسفر شوید.If you have decided to immigrate to the beautiful country of Ecuador, it is better to travel with us. در این سفر،ما به شما اطلاعاتی درباره ی اکوادور،آب و هوا و طبیعت آن،زبان و فرهنگ مردم اکوادور و چیزهای دیگری همچون کسب و کار و تحصیلات در آنجا را ارائه خواهیم داد.On this trip, we will provide you with information about Ecuador, its climate and nature, the language and culture of the Ecuadorian people and other things such as business and education there. اگر میخواهید در رابطه با جاذبه های گردشگری اکوادور بیشتر بدانید به مطلبی که قبلا در این رابطه در سایت گذاشتیم مراجعه کنید.If you want to know more about Ecuador’s tourist attractions, refer to what we have already posted on this site.

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Living conditions in Ecuador

Ecuador has won several awards in the tourism industry. Located in the northwestern part of South America, the country has been recognized for advances in tourism, domestic production, and services.

Some believe that Ecuador is a hidden paradise where a couple with $ 2,000 or less can easily live. Ecuador is bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Ecuador’s evergreen nature encourages you to throw away your winter clothes forever when migrating to this evergreen land.
Ecuador is one of the best destinations in the world to explore the underwater world. Because all the beauty of the South Pacific is summed up in the colorful marine animals and the underwater cliffs.
The main religions of Ecuador: Catholic 80%; Protestant: 11%;

زندگی در اکوادور

The language of the people of Ecuador

It is good to know that the official language of the people of Ecuador is “Spanish”, which is spoken by about 93% of the population. They are the second most commonly used language among the people. It is not bad to know that one to two million people in Ecuador speak “Kichua” and 35,000 people speak “Shwar”. In addition to these two indigenous languages, the tribes of this country also speak 11 other languages.

زبان مردم اکوادور

Ecuadorian culture

Everywhere you go, people say “hello” when they see you; now how do they know you? But this is a little different in Ecuador. The people of Ecuador have different ways of dealing with each other. Ecuadorians warmly shake hands when meeting a friend or official.
Women hug each other with a kiss on the cheek; Men also kiss women, especially if the woman is a close friend or acquaintance.
Ecuadorians are extremely kind. They never walk fast and do not make hasty and hasty movements. If they have to stand in line like a bank for hours, they will be patient and treat each other kindly and very politely.
Ecuador has a distinctly beautiful, vibrant and vibrant culture. Along with the long and rich history of this country, its culture is a combination of indigenous customs and traditions that have taken on a different color and smell with the influence of European colonialism. Almost everyone in Ecuador has a background of indigenous culture and race.
In general, the vast majority of Ecuadorians are Spanish-speaking Catholics, and this trend is waning as time goes on.

کشور اکوادور

Cost of living in Ecuador

هزینه زندگی در اکوادور ۳/۱۷ درصد بالاتر از ایران و قیمت اجاره ها در اکوادور ۱۸/۲۲ ٪ کمتر از ایران در آخرین آمارگیری رسمی برآوُرد شده است.The cost of living in Ecuador is 17.3% higher than in Iran and the price of rents in Ecuador is 22.18% lower than in Iran, according to the latest official statistics.
با توجه به آمارهای جهانی حداقل حقوق در شهری مثل کیتو پایتخت اکوادور برابر با 394 دلار است که این میزان حقوق از میانگین حقوق دیگر کشورهای آمریکای لاتین بالاتر است.According to global statistics, the minimum wage in a city like Quito, Ecuador, is $ 394, which is higher than the average wage in other Latin American countries.
for example:

Renting a three-bedroom house or an unfurnished apartment for a couple in Cuenca, Ecuador, costs $ 500 a month. Likewise, the cost of social security and monthly health care for a couple in this city is equal to $ 80.
In Ecuador, not only can you retire with the least amount of money, but you can also enjoy a comfortable life. A couple in this country retires for less than $ 18,000 a year, which is only based on their comfortable lifestyle. Many foreigners living in this country can use this low cost of living only to own a rural house or a beach property in another country in addition to their main house in the city where they live.

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