Happy Nowruz 1400

Happy Nowruz 1400

روی ویدئو کلیک کنید!

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special discount
15% special discount for all plans on the occasion of the beginning of the new year (Nowruz 1400) until April 2021

contact Special opportunity to get admission from universities in Turkey, Japan, Russia and Ukraine with special and exceptional discounts until the end of April 1400 – For information on the details and conditions of this exceptional discount, contact our offices..

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German job offer

Great location in Germany To work with contract workers for researchers and computer engineers, especially web programmers, under Windows, iOS, android, full stack, especially with good work experience on Java, PHP and Python, as well as database experts, software designers and cloud experts. And security and network with CCNA, CCNP, CCIE documents without considering the long time of the embassy for you experts in this field, the contract amounts are guaranteed and can be returned and in case of employment contract, it is possible to pay 50% of the contract amount from the applicant will exist. The team of Dadavar Nasim Mehr Law Firm is by your side.

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Ukraine Registration for a pilot course in Ukraine with the lowest cost and excellent conditions for men and women
Immigration to Ukraine

Arrival of the desired fields in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada

Surveyor – Technical Jobs in Geology and Meteorology – Technologist and Architect Technician – Accounting Technician – Computer Planner – Medical Laboratory Technician – Radiology Technician – Sonograph – Rescuer – Psychologist – Child Friend – Program Manager and Instructor in Recreational and Sports Programs – Butcher – Baker – Glassmaker – Heavy Machinery Mechanic – Tailor (Manufacturer of Garments, Fur and Hats) Car Service Technician, Mechanic and Bus Repairman, Safkar – Home Appliance Repairman

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Artistic residency
Comfortable stay of artists in Austria

Having the arts of painting, pottery, sculpture, glassmaking, painting, calligraphy, photography, graphics, carpet weaving and various types of weaving, handicrafts, gold and silver and jewelry making, etc., you will have work experience in one of these fields. You can easily stay in Austria.
Dadavar Nasim Mehr Law and Immigration Institute If you need more information in this regard, contact the consultants of Dadavar Nasim Mehr Law and Immigration Institute.

Immigrating to Europe
Physicians, medical and nursing subfields

Admission of physicians, medical sub-disciplines (such as: Midwives, sonographers, operating room technicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, etc.) and respected nurses in Sweden, if you wish, contact the law firm and immigration Dadavar Nasim Mehr.

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Turkish Scholarship Registration

For more information on Turkish scholarships and advice, contact the numbers on the website right now.


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Thanks to the unprecedented welcome of dear compatriots from Gilan, Khorasan, Khuzestan, Fars, Isfahan and Markazi provinces. Active agency in order to cooperate with Dadavar Nasim Mehr Immigration Law Firm is accepted. For more information in this regard, please call 09123895530.

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